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Sergey Nepsha

Sergey Nepsha E' un fotografo di 26 anni professionista kazako.Vive ed opera ad Almaty nel Kazakistan. La passione per la fotografia l'ha ereditata dal padre fotografo. E' laureato in economia.Ha iniziato a fotografare alcuni anni addietro,prima con telefono cellulare, quindi Panasonic FZ30, Canon  400D, 40D, e ora 5D Mark II ed ha uno studio professionale.

 The photographer the fan, was born on January, 19th, 1983 in a city of Almaty (Kazakhstan). The father the photographer, since the childhood with it was wound on shootings, sat in a bathroom (a laboratory photo), showed films, printed photos, then on all apartment hanged out them and dried, but I never and did not think and especially was not interested in a photo. It was disaccustomed at school, has entered the university on the economist, worked IT as the expert, has opened the company in sphere IT, and only couple of years back thanks to one known forum in Kazakhstan, has started to shoot, at first on a cell phone, then panasonic fz30, further canon 400d, 40d, and now 5D Mark II. And now I thinking  for a photo professionally.






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